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iSpazio: How to Add iSpazio Repo to iOS 7 from Cydia


If iSpazio is made available in English, it would have gone into the top 10 Cydia Sources list. However, iSpazio is still one of the best Cydia repos when it comes to free iOS apps, games, iPhone themes, iPad games, iPod apps, and some other tweaks and mods. This Italian-based Cydia Source hosts a great amount of cracked apps, games, themes, and awesome mods. Therefore, if you are going after all these awesome things, it is worth to add iSpazio repo to your jailbroken iOS device and give it a shot.

Being in the mobile market for more than four years, iSpazio has got a huge fan base not only in the Italy but also in the United States. It is now maintained by a few persons who run a popular Italian iOS related blog at One main reason you should download this Cydia repo is the theme they offer. iSpazio offers some SMS themes, new lock screen themes, and different types of background for an iOS device which you can’t find it else where. They are extremely easy to download even though it is written in Italian. Now here are a few delicious steps on how to add iSpazio repo to a jailbroken iOS device from Cydia.

iSpazio screenshot on an iPhone 5S

Step 1: It is a must to have a jailbroken iOS device with Cydia installed. If you haven’t jailbreak your iPhone 5S that is running on iOS 7, you can’t install iSpazio. Proceed to step 2 once you have jailbreak and install Cydia to your iOS device.

Step 2: Most of the jailbreak program will install iSpazio to your iOS device automatically during the installation of Cydia. However, if this step is skipped, you can open Cydia and go to Manage then Sources. Tap on the Add button located on top left and a text box will be appeared. This is where you need to put in the iSpazio Repo (the Cydoa/APT URL) which is Try if the first repo is not working or if the screen shows any error. Any of this Cydia repo will definitely give you what you want for sure.

iSpazio repo
iSpazio Repo

Now what you have to do is try out some of the most sought-after free apps from iSpazio such as Calcpaper, LiveClock, Abstract Apple, Apple Diamond, Arabic KeyPad (good for those who often use Arabic), Artist SMS, AT&T Battery, Apple Song Boom, Apple Varies Theme, AppleFreak, and others. In a nutshell, iSpazio is yet another Cydia sources that you can’t miss!