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Apptrackr Alternatives


Apptrackr is gone and never coming back but there are at least 10 alternatives out there that is comparable to it. AppCake, HipStore, and AppAddict are just a few to be mentioned and they are definitely up to the standard of Installous. As cracked apps are getting more popular, there are more features available in these applications. The main reason these apps are living on our planet is to allow an iOS user to try an app before buying them from App Store. Hence, you may find some of the alternatives here provide functionality that are very similar to the App Store.

Apptrackr alternatives


AppAddict is the new version of Appdora while Appdora is the replacement of Apptrackr. Well, this is absolutely not the reason AppAddict is in this list. AppAddict is often accepted as one of the best Apptrackr alternatives because the service is very close to Apptrackr. It offers tons of cracked apps repository online to allow their users to install them to in iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

HipStore (Heaven iPhone)

HipStore, also known as Heaven iPhone, is another great app to hunt for free apps. It allows user to download apps to their PC or Mac which can be transferred to an iOS device later on. There are many apps available in IPA files hosted on HipStore.


AppCake is a very popular household name and it is often called the Hackulous alternative. Being in the market for more than six years, AppCake offers apps, tweaks, mods, games, wallpaper and ringtones not just for iOS devices but also Android devices.


vShare or AppVV is a China-based apps provider which supplies the same resource as Apptrackr. You will be very familiar with vShare interface as it is very similar to the Installous. In order to use vShare, it is a must to jailbreak, download Cydia, then install AppSync from Cydia to your iOS device.


Zeusmos does not offer so many apps compared to other but it offers a simple way to install an app. An app can be installed easily just like the way you install an app from App Store.

iAP Cracker

iAP Cracker does not host any apps but it redirects you to the download page. In other words, iAP Cracker skip the payment page and lead their users directly to the download page without the need to pay anything. Users can use iAP Cracker to get paid apps, games, and utilities for free.


iPAStore or is a new comer to the jailbreak world. Just like any other installous alternatives, it provides free apps. Besides, iPAStore also serves as an important repo to find great apps.


Pandaapp gives you an eccentric way to download free apps to your iPhone. Many apps available in Pandaapp support the latest iOS version which is the iOS 7.


iFunBox is now one of the most sought-after app for cracked apps finder. There are both mobile and PC/Mac version available for download. At iFunbox, all you need to do is search for the app you want, download it to your PC or Mac, and then transfer it to your iOS device.


Kuaiyong is now a celebrity name in the cracked apps community. It is famous because of one thing, it gives you free apps without jailbreak. There are many people dying to find out how to download Cydia apps without jailbreak and now Kuaiyong is in front of you.

Other Apptrackr alternatives: IPA Search and IPA Installer Console.

Last but it is a must, if you found any alternatives to the Apptrackr.ORG and it is not listed above, please share it out in the comment box below.