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How to Delete Cydia


Either you are boring with Cydia or you no longer need it if you are looking for a method on how to delete Cydia. It is extremely easy to delete Cydia when it is no longer needed. You can do this in just 5 easy steps and Cydia will be gone from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Without any special skills, you can reinstall Cydia again if you feel like to use it to download your favorite cracked apps and cracked games. Nevertheless, you need to keep your iOS 8 device jailbroken if you want to download Cydia in the near future. Now get your iOS device ready and follow this steps to delete Cydia from iOS 8.0, iOS 8.0.1, iOS 8.0.2, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.1.1, iOS 8.1.2, iOS 8.2 or any newer or older iOS version such as the iOS 6, iOS 7, or iOS 9.

How to Delete Cydia (5 Steps Only)

With only 5 steps and 7 taps, you can uninstall and delete Cydia completely from your iOS device.

Step 1: Open Cydia and then tap on Manage.

Step 2: At this page, you will see Packages, Sources, and Storage. Tap on Packages.

how to delete Cydia

Step 3: There will be a list of installed Cydia apps appear here. Scroll down or use the search function to search for Cydia Installer. Tap on the Cydia Installer and you will be redirected to the details page.

how to uninstall Cydia without jailbreak

Step 4: Tap on Modify. You will see three buttons appear. They are Reinstall, Remove, and Cancel.

how to remove Cydia

Step 5: Tap on Remove and then Confirm. Tap on Force Removal (Unsafe) and the program will delete and uninstall Cydia from your iOS device. Go to your springboard and you will see Cydia is deleted.

how to delete Cydia

That’s the five easy steps on how to delete Cydia. Follow the steps below if you would like to delete Cydia apps without deleting Cydia.

Delete Cydia and Reinstall it

Sometimes, Cydia will give you a lot of problems no matter how many times you try to reinstall it. It could be very frustrating if there is something wrong with your Cydia, for example, Cydia crashed during start up, Cydia Sources not working, Cydia is not opening, Cydia keeps crashing, Cydia is not loading the package or whatever reason is. If that is the case, it is highly recommended to follow the above steps to delete Cydia and then download a fresh Cydia copy to your iOS 8 devices. This is the only way to make sure that you Cydia can be run without any problem.

How to Delete Cydia Apps

If you want to delete Cydia apps but not Cydia, you can follow these steps.

Step 1: Open Cydia and tap on Manage -> Packages.

Step 2: Look for Mobile Substrate under Cydia apps list. Tap on Mobile Substrate and then tap on Modify.

Step 3: Again, you will see three main buttons appear where they are Reinstall, Remove, and Cancel. Tap on Remove and then Confirm.

Step 4: It is recommended to restart your springboard once the deletion is done although it is not a must to do so. These steps will uninstall, remove, and delete all Cydia apps in your Cydia. Read How to Remove and Uninstall Cydia Apps for more details.