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Top Cydia Apps for iOS 8


Almost every iOS freak are now using iOS 8 and it is time to check out the newest top Cydia apps for iOS 8 devices such as iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPod Touch and more. iOS 8 was launched at the end of last year. A few popular Cydia tweaks such as the Springtomize are getting updated from Springtomize 2 to Springtomize 3 in order to give iOS 8 users a better user experience. On the other hand, there are also a ton of new apps are released by developer to make the iOS 8 better. Go through the list of top Cydia apps for iOS 8 here and you can try out some new free tweaks that you may never come across.

best Cydia apps

1. MagicColors

MagicColors is an amazing Cydia app that lets you customize the Home screen and Lock screen of your iPhone and iPad. You have the full control to design the look of your iOS 8 device. MagicColors comes with a lot of customization options. Other than customizing the Home screen and Lock screen, you can also colorize items in the Status Bar such as signal and battery. Instead, you can also hide various UI elements such as Notification Cneter grabber, Control Center grabber, Camera, Time and more. MagicColors is a free app and you can download it from ModMyi repo through Cydia.

2. Drunk Clock

The Drunk Clock is a very simple yet functional app for people with eyesight problem. This app provides you a clean analog clock used as an iWidget. You can switch the analog clock to digital clock with just a tap in case you can’t read it. It’s good for iPhone users who often get drunk.

3. VirtualHome8

VirtualHome8 or Virtual Home 8 is a popular Touch ID tweak from Cydia App Store. It is the first and only jailbreak tweak for Touch ID. It works on iOS 8.1, 8.1.2 and 8.2. With VirtualHome8 installed, you can control things with single tap, double tap, short hold, tap and short hold to perform many things. For example, if your iPhone is locked, you can use QuickUnlock to unlock it by placing your finger on the Touch ID/Home button. The previous version of Virtual Home is free but VirtualHome8 costs $1.49. For VirtualHome fans, you can download it from Cydia BigBoss Repo with just a tap.

4. StopSend

StopSend is very simple yet useful app. It doesn’t come with any fancy features but it gives you what you need. This app basically disable the Send button when the autocorrect prompt is active. This is good for those who often compose English messages in your own way. Moreover, StopSend is a free app and you can download it from a private repo called Sassoty at

5. iCaughtU Pro (iOS 8)

Often lost your iPhone? Install iCaughtU Pro because you know that the latest iPhone 6 Plus is something luxury to buy. iCaughtU Pro is an awesome app because it lets you take a photo with the front camera when the lock screen password is entered wrong. The photo will then send to the real owner of the iOS device with detail information such as Location and a map. All you need is a gmail account in order to receive emails. It doesn’t appear in the list of Top Cydia Tweaks for Latest iOS 8 but it is definitely one great app to be used. This is a free Cydia tweak and you can download it from iTaySoft repo at repo.

6. Activator

Activator has been in the jailbreak world for quite sometime. This app lets you access what you need using shortcuts from anywhere in your iOS device. It saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to go through the traditional process in order to perform an action. For example, you can double press the sleep button to trigger stock actions. Furthermore, Activator is a free app and you can download the iOS 8 version of Activator through Ryan Petrich repo.

Activator iOS 8

7. BackupAZ

Many iOS users do not backup their data while they still can. Often, they regret when something happen and the data cannot be recovered. To avoid these regrets, install BackupAZ now to backup almost everything in your device. You can copy the backup files from /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/BackupAZ to your computer so that you will never lost anything. Compared to iTunes backup, BackupAZ will backup all the Cydia apps and settings which iTunes doesn’t. So, what do you think about this $2.99 app from ModMyi?

8. Upscale iOS 8

It is very normal to set your screen resolution in Windows PC, however, it is almost impossible to do that in an iPhone. With Upscale installed, you can adjust your iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus resolution. For example, you can change the resolution to 750 x 1334 from 640 x 1136. As for iPhone 6 Plus users, you can change the resolution up to 1242 x 2208 or anything based on your preference. The Upscale iOS 8 is a free Cydia app and it can be downloaded from this repo

9. Respring8

We often need to respring our iPhone for some reasons. Install Respring8 to make the respring process easier. Respring8 is a free app and you need to download it from private Cydia repo. See Top Cydia Sources for Free Apps and find one Cydia Sources that host this app for free.

10. Sicarius

Sometimes, your iOS 8 device is slow not because of it is old. Often, it is the running apps that make it slow because you don’t close it or exit it while they are not in use. Sicarius is one free app that let you kill all apps with just a swipe. This Cydia tweak can definitely save your time. Besides, you can also add a cool 3D animation to the app switcher as well as customize how this app works to suit your needs.