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Good Cydia sources for iPhone 4


You know you can jailbreak nearly every version of the Apple operating system, so once the jailbreak procedure is completed you will need the third part app platform to be installed. One of the best out there is Cydia. Once you have Cydia, you will then need a place to get all the apps, games and tweaks. In order to utilize Cydia to find and install software packages on jailbroken iOS devices like the iPhone or iPad, you need to find a source. The source allows you to download modifications from Cydia. Finding the proper repositories with all the great content you’re looking for can be a task in itself. It’s important to use content from valuable, trustworthy sources as you could find yourself with a device that stops working altogether. Whether you’re seeking games, modifications, fun apps or just information, these good Cydia sources will support your needs. They work very well not just on iPhone 4 but also iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.


Useful for it’s mass variety of apps, tweaks and modifications for your Apple devices. You will be able to get all the latest information, news, downloads, review, themes and of course Cydia apps. The site is easy to navigate through and very organized with everything separated by categories. ModMyi Repo source:

iPhone Cake

This site is extremely popular and has been seen as one of the best repo sites for finding games. It offers apps and modifications that allow you to enhance your iPhone. An iPhone 4 can be turned into an iPhone 5 or 5S with some awesome apps and mods. Again, it is easy to navigate through and gives reviews in detail. Repo source:


The name of this site pretty much says it all, it is one of the best Cydia sources available at the present time. There are hundreds of themes, modifications, tweaks and fun apps including games. They have a very active forum attached to the site that allows you to find hot topics and discuss tweaks you’d like to see in the future. Big Boss also lets you host iPhone apps that have been declined from the app store. Repo source:

cydia sources


BiteYourApple is a fantastic Cydia source as it offers free tweaks in the hundreds. Also on offer are packages that enable users to customize their apple device. It’s an essential tool as a Cydia source and will have your device doing amazing things. Repo source:


On this site, you will find many modifications, apps and tweaks from sources you can trust. They have a forum for all necessary information. They even offer super useful tutorials to enhance your knowledge of apps and all of the technology that surrounds them. The site is easy to navigate through and you can easily find everything you need. Repo source:

SiNful iPhone

The community within this site is over 3,000 and is quickly becoming a leading source for good quality cracked Cydia apps. It has been deemed the best free source for high quality Cydia apps. The site offers a comprehensive forum that will give you up to date information and newest jailbreak, unlocking & activating options. Repo source:

What has caused great popularity for is that it has Installous available on the site. Installous is a popular app currently thanks to it’s ability to allow users to download and install any paid app that is available in Apple’s App store for free. Of course the site stands on it’s own with many other apps that are high quality. Since Cydia was introduced to the scene, Hackulous was one of the first to accommodate. Repo source:


This site specifically targets Apple iOS users that want emulated games. The site offers emulators and ROMs for NES, Nintendo 64 and Game Boy. Additionally, you can find packages that contains modifications, tweaks and apps for everything Apple including your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The site also offers factual information and news that every gamer will find interesting. xSellize Repo source: