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Default Cydia Sources


Default Cydia sources are those Cydia sources or Cydia repos that comes with Cydia as a package when you download Cydia to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. So, what are the default Cydia sources when you jailbreak and install Cydia to an iOS 7 device? These Cydia repos are definitely the best of the best and that is the only reason Saurik put them into Cydia as default sources. Some of them have been listed in the top 10 Cydia Sources for more than 10 times because they host a list of the best Cydia tweaks on earth.

For those who have jailbreak their iOS device and would like to know what are the default Cydia repos, you can refer to the list below. You can re-add the repo if you delete it by mistake. To check if these repos are available in your iOS device, you can go to Home page and then tap More Package Sources. The default repos will be showed above the warning about 3rd party sources. You have all the default repos installed if you see the warning, else you lack of some default repos.

Default Cydia Sources

Here is your delicious A-list of default Cydia sources.

1. BigBoss & Planet-iPhone

You can get a lot of paid apps for free under BigBoss repo. It is one of the best Cydia repos ever for the past 5 years. Free apps, tweaks, themes, ringtones, hacks, and games can be found with this repo.

Repo URL:

2. ModMyi

Just like BigBoss, ModMyi do host a lot of apps, tweaks, themes, and games.

Repo Url:

3. Ste Packaging

Repo URL:

4. iSpazio

iSpazio is absolutely an important Cydia repos you can’t miss. iSpazio offers a few amazing Cydia tweaks such as the SMS themes, new lock screen themes, games, and other apps that you have to check it out.

Repo URL:

5. Telesphoreo Tangelo

Repo URL:

6. ZodTTD & MacCiti

ZodTTD is a default Cydia repo available in iOS 7 jailbreak. Without further explain, you can download some famous game emulator such as nes4iPhone, VLC4iPhone, gpSPhone, and many other game related apps with this repo.

Repo URL:

The above are the 6 Cydia repos come with Cydia. We will definitely see them in iOS 8 jailbreak. See also: Six Awesome Cydia sources, Cydia Sources for Game Hacks, and 10 Unpopular Cydia Sources for iOS 7.

How to Restore All Default Cydia Sources

Sometimes we uninstall a default repository by mistake. Don’t worry because there is a way to reinstall them. Follow the instructions below to reinstall those default Cydia sources if this happen to you.

Step 1: Open your Cydia, scroll down and tap on “More Package Sources”.

default Cydia sources

Step 2: You can see a list of default Cydia sources in this page. For example, BigBoss, ModMyi, or ZodTTD. Tap on the source you would like to reinstall it.

Step 3: A warning message will pop up and ask if you would like to “Add Source BigBoss?” (Assume you try to reinstall BigBoss repo).

Step 4: Tap on OK to continue.

Step 5: Now back to Cydia and go to Manage and then Sources. Make sure the default Cydia repo is available there. Otherwise, repeat step 1 to step 4 again.