How to Reinstall Cydia


How to reinstall Cydia? You need to continue hunting the right answer here if there is a question like this floating in your mind. According to a study, jailbreak users often accidentally deleted Cydia from their iOS device. Many of them thought it is a must to re-jailbreak in order to reinstall Cydia. Well, that is a wrong idea because you can actually get your Cydia back to your iOS device without jailbreaking again. For those who have accidentally deleted Cydia in their iOS device, here is your delightful step by step guide on how to reinstall Cydia without jailbreak. If the Cydia version in your iOS device is outdated, you may follow these steps to update your Cydia too.

reinstall Cydia

Steps to Reinstall Cydia

Here is your tasty guide to reinstall Cydia. You can do it right away if:

  • Your Cydia logo is disappeared from the home screen and you could not find it elsewhere.
  • You have just finish the jailbreak process but could not see Cydia installed in your jailbroken iOS device.
  • Cydia keeps crashing while you tap on the icon and try to open it.
  • Cydia is not loading or not opening at all.
  • Cydia is not loading the downloaded packages are not installing.

It could be many reasons while Cydia is not working on a jailbroken iOS device. Incomplete installation and file lost are most common issues. Whatever your reason is, you should reinstall Cydia as long as it is not working for you anymore.

Step 1: Remove Cydia and all Cydia apps before reinstall

First of all, remove all Cydia apps you installed before you can reinstall Cydia. Go to Cydia -> Manage -> Packages and look for Mobile Substrate. Tap on Modify and then tap on Remove among Reinstall and Cancel buttons. The process will begin and all the Cydia apps will be removed within a few minutes. Restart the springboard and double check if there is any Cydia apps left. Now go to Cydia -> Manage -> Packages and this time look for Cydia Installer. Again, tap on it and tap Remove among Reinstall and Cancel buttons. Tap on Confirm to run the process to remove Cydia. See also: Download Cydia without Jailbreak.

Step 2: Download latest Cydia DEB file

On your iOS device, open your Safari web browser and download the latest Cydia DEB file from Saurik at Remember to download the latest version otherwise you have to update it again after the installation. Use the search function in your browser to look for Cydia because the list is very long.

Step 3: Reinstall Cydia from iFile

Now you can open your iFile and use the install option to reinstall Cydia onto your iOS device. The installation will take less than a minute. Settled? Not to forget to see the top 10 Cydia sources. MyWi, ModMyi, and HackYouriPhone are a few highly recommended Cydia repos.

The above 3 steps guide is good for anyone who wants to reinstall Cydia on iOS 4, iOS 5, iOS 6, or iOS 7. For those who jailbreak their iOS 7 device with evasi0n iOS 7 jailbreak, you can actually reinstall Cydia with evasi0n easily. Re-run evasi0n and check the option to install Cydia then you will get Cydia back on work.