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Cydia Sources 2016


Last year, we were talking about the best Cydia Sources 2015 such as HackYouriPhone, AppAddict, iHacksRepo and others. We have forgotten how many days or weeks went by and it is now 2016. Time flies, and the clock rolls quickly. Hence, it is time to make a new list of the best Cydia Sources 2016. Whether you are looking for cracked apps, free wallpapers, ringtones or games, there must be one Cydia repo in the list below that suits your desires.

best Cydia sources 2016

Top 10 Best Cydia Sources for 2016

Here’s the delicious top 10 best Cydia sources for 2016. Get ready to add them to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch via Manage section in Cydia.


BigBoss is one of the default Cydia sources and it has been the number one Cydia Repo/Source every jailbreak user needs. Whether it is 2015, 2016, 2017 or even 2018, BigBoss still the most wanted Cydia repo because it provides thousands of cool Cydia apps, tweaks, games, as well as paid apps for free.


Since iOS 7, xSellize has been servicing the jailbreak community with a lot of useful Cydia tweaks and games. The number of apps available in xSellize repo is growing everyday and they are always updated. Apple users who use iOS 7, iOS 8 or iOS 9 should add xSellize to Cydia to enjoy free stuffs.

SiNful iPhone

Since day one, SiNful iPhone has been offering tons of high quality cracked apps to Cydia users, for example, Zephyr, Springtomize, and Iconoclasm. You can find most of the popular iPhone apps and iPad apps from SiNful iPhone repo for free. On top of that, SiNful iPhone is also one of the best Cydia sources for SNES Roms and emulator.


AppVV doesn’t host a lot of app but it has one very powerful app known as vShare. With vShare installed to your iPhone or iPad, you can get almost everything for free. Often, you can find many famous paid apps from vShare for free. Try AppCake if you would like to try something similar to vShare.


HipStore is a must-have Cydia repo when it comes to cracked apps. You will find a few popular paid apps, games and themes from HipStore repo.

Karen’s Pineapple

In the world of iOS 9, Karen’s Pineapple plays an important role by feeding jailbreak users a few valuable apps such as SafariSaver, AppSync Unified, IneffectivePower and others. See also Cydia Sources for iOS 9 if you have just jailbreak iOS 9.0.2 with Pangu Jailbreak Tools.


Cydia users should be very familiar with Insanelyi repo because it has been around for a few years. In 2016, Insanelyi has host thousands of apps and tweaks that are very useful to iPhone and iPad users. Besides, this repo are updated from time to time and you can find a lot of nice apps for the latest iPhone 6S Plus.


biteSMS, iBirthdays, iBlacklist, FolderEnhancer, AdBlock, AppSync, iFile, iBluetooth and many other cool Cydia tweaks are available in HackYouriPhone repo. Add it right now and you will understand why it is nominated to be one of the best Cydia repos so far.

HASHBANG Productions

HASHBANG Productions is considered a new Cydia repo. It has a lot of iOS 9 apps such as StoreAlert, DailyPaper, BrightVol, MapsOpener and many more. Simply add to your Manage section and you can search for the apps you want.


BiteYourApple is another Cydia source you should add if you are hunting for cracked iOS apps and iOS games. It is a repo made in Italy offering hundreds of free apps and games. Add this repo if you want to customize your iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPad mini, or any iOS 9 devices.

Couldn’t find the Cydia sources you love in the list above? Voice it out with the comment features below. Please also mention why they deserve to be in the list of best Cydia Sources 2016.